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Replacement Red flashing LED light for all Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll Over Valve kits.

$10.00 each plus shipping

Note: To place an order for all replacement parts listed on this page, please contact us at

[email protected]

Arctic Cat tether switch conversion kit. This kit replaces the "clip style" tether switch that was used on earlier Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll Over Valve kits.

The conversion kit will plug and play in to your existing early style ROV harness and basically updates the early ROV kits to the currently used Arctic Cat tether system.

The conversion kit includes a Cat tether switch, lanyard, a 5 terminal switching relay and parts shown in the photo to the left along with installation instructions.

$60.00 each plus shipping

Early "clip style" replacement switch. Fits early Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll Over Valve kits manufactured prior to May 2012

This switch is now discontinued. For early ROV kits that used the clip style tether switch, please refer to the conversion kit shown above.

Arctic Cat replacement tether switch for Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll Over Valve kits manufactured after May 2012. Splices in to the ROV switch harness. 

Switch includes lanyard. 

$39.00 plus shipping.

Arctic Cat tether/lanyard, includes center screw.

$21.00 plus shipping

Starting in 2016, some Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll Over Valve kits are manufactured with a 2nd design connector at the shut off valve. When ordering a replacement shut off valve for your ROV kit, please check your valve electrical connector and compare it to the two connectors in the photo on the left.

Nytro/Phazer replacement shut off valve. (1st design Red connector shown)

Note: For MPI supercharged Phazer's, use the "Apex" valve below with 3/4" fittings

$49.00 each plus shipping

Apex/MPI supercharged Phazer replacement shut off valve. The valve has 3/4" fittings on the inlet and outlet

$60.00 each plus shipping

M1100T/M9000 (Suzuki twin cylinder) replacement shut off valve.

$65.00 each plus shipping

Viper/M/XF7000 replacement shut off valve.

$60.00 each plus shipping.

ROVCM (Roll Over Valve Control Module) Can be used as a replacement or to upgrade a standard Four Stroke Solutions LLC ROV kit into a premium ROV kit.

Please specify which model sled you have and if you are running a stock lead/acid or lithium battery in your snowmobile when ordering.

$209.00 each plus shipping